Engaging with InspireWorx has led to a dramatic positive change in regards to employee moral, job satisfaction and overall company atmosphere. I would highly recommend this program to any Business Owner.

Paul Dutton, President and CEO, snapd inc.

I have been amazed at the power of what Eleisha teaches, and the passion she brings for her clients. She is truly making a difference in the lives of her clients and their teams!

Mark McNulty, President of ActionCoach BlueGrass

Eleisha’s engagement philosophy is a game changer, she is cutting edge. I could put Eleisha in front of any CEO or stakeholder in the world with pure confidence knowing that she will win their business. I’ve always been envious of Eleisha’s ability to captivate an audience. She is a fearless, gifted public speaker and presenter. Looking back we collaborated on 14 Global Sales Meetings together as she was recognized several times as the #1 Sales Director of the Year for her relentless hard work. She will excel in any role or task thrown her way.

Jarond Suman, Digital Media Specialist, Tranot

I was very skeptical before my company started their sessions with Eleisha and InspireWorx, but after completing our final session, I can honestly say this program is amazing! It’s been super helpful getting everyone aligned, improving motivation and engagement, and boosting productivity and workplace happiness. I recommend InspireWorx for any company looking for a boost for their team.

Joshawa Jones, VP Creative snapd inc.

Eleisha is a dynamic leader that is passionate about her work. Her authenticity and positive energy is reflected in her approach to engagement programs and its participants. She is a skilled engagement facilitator focused on what needs to be accomplished to achieve her clients goals.

Allison Dunn, CEO, Executive Coach, Leadership Facilitator at Deliberate Directions

Since beginning the program with Eleisha, employee engagement in our company has gone through the roof. There is a feeling of renewal and excitement for what we can accomplish together as a team and family! We were good before, but we’re amazing now.

Neil Thorne, VP Design, snapd inc.

Eleisha is an inspirational leader, mentor and partner to my growing company. Eleisha’s authentic approach is a reflection of how she genuinely cares for people. I highly recommend Eleisha, she is a leadership change maker driven to create a globally engaged workforce.

Molley Ricketts, CEO and Founder, Incipio Workforce Solutions

I have worked with Eleisha as she provided guidance to two organizations focused on creating cultures that deliver exceptional employee experiences. As an advisor she has a compelling blend of passionate belief in concept/process combined with results oriented rigour. She cares deeply about the success of her clients, works to understand their challenges and ensures the organization she represents delivers on their promises.

John Nicholson, CHRL, VP Talent and Culture at Plan International Canada

I had the pleasure of working with Eleisha on the design and implementation of a strategic recognition solution for one of her Canadian clients. Eleisha has an amazing demeanor which makes her a great person to work with; she’s always available, eager to accommodate client needs, and incredibly intelligent. These attributes made working together easy. She is incredibly strategic and detail oriented, she thinks through issues and brings thoughtful resolution, and she adds tremendous value to every client she serves.

Susan Dexter Schierenbeck, CRP, IP, Client Solutions Director at Hinda Inc.

A company is like a marriage and one that works well is one where all parties connect, share positive reinforcement and communicates well. Eleisha’s work with our team has been instrumental in rejuvenating us in all aspects. By enjoying the daily staff interaction we now all collectively work to create a better environment with a proud workforce – all contributing to a more successful business.

Dan McPherson, VP Franchise Relations, snapd inc.

12 Month ‘Black Belt’ Program

This master program takes your business to the next level. You have an engaged, profitable and committed team. Now what do you need to do to be Number 1 in your industry? We facilitate this long term and sustainable growth program so you can have the business of your dreams and not just a job.

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6 Month ‘Blue Belt’ Program

Engagement is a fitness and like any fitness it requires a maintenance regime. This program is designed to sustain the success developed in the red Belt program. You have run the sprint, now its time to lock the changes in for future growth of your business and people.

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12 Week ‘Red Belt’ Program

Our 12 step signature program is delivered in roughly one hour per week over 12 weeks. It provides outstanding results every time, as evidenced by our pre, mid and post program employee engagement surveys.

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5 Hour ‘White Belt’ Workshop

This program is an impactful workshop for 5 – 35 employees. It allows you and your team to ‘dip your toe in the water’ and experience the impact of the Engage & Grow experience. The workshop activates participants to act and think innovatively about your business.

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12 Week ‘Sales Team’ Program

This program is designed to captivate and entertain your key people, whilst strategically developing new sales, habits and behaviours. Designed to take the day to day pressures off the business owner(s) and sales managers. Our certified advisors will be there to manage and lead the entire process from start to finish.

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10 Week ‘Create, Connect, Reward’ Program

This powerful and unique company wide program directly impacts between 25 – 125 employees all at once over a 10 week period, and indirectly hundreds more. It will instantly create higher levels of engagement, more leaders, friendships and dissolve silo mentality, plus much, much more. Its all action and managed online.

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Womens Leadership Development & Engagement Program

The Engagement & leadership program for Women is designed to unite the workplace by developing women’s leaderships skills. It is based on the Red Belt foundation program, providing traction and momentum in your business by empowering new thinking and create more buy in.

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Principals, Teachers & Pupils Program

Our education industry program works with your leaders, staff members and students. It is based on the Red Belt signature program, providing traction and momentum in your school by empowering new thinking and create more buy-in.

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Leader of Leaders Program

This leadership & communication program springs directly from our award winning Red Belt program, and has already helped many leaders improve employee engagement in their businesses by over 300%.

This 9-step leadership & communication program is designed to help you increase your influence and employees’ commitment. Our engagement strategists will be there to help and guide you and hold you accountable through the entire process.

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Multiple Business Engagement Program

This 16-week engagement & communication program is run with a range of leaders from multiple business. Each element is designed to help you fine-tune the art of becoming a highly-regarded leader and dramatically improve your team’s engagement levels in a fun, vibrant environment.

It is designed to help you increase your influence and create the catalyst for employee commitment. Our engagement strategists will be there to help and guide you and hold you accountable through the entire process.

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Sports Team & Organization Program

This proven team culture & engagement program has been run successfully with 150+ clubs, taking 85 to grand finals with 32 teams winning championships.

The 12-step championship program can be designed for management or the team themselves, either way you will be reaching new heights and kicking goals in no time. Our engagement strategists will be there to manage and lead the entire process from start to finish.

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Millennial Employee Engagement & Culture Program

Our program is guaranteed to transform your business culture by engaging the millennials in your company. It unlocks their creativity and embraces their drive and enthusiasm.

This 12-step engagement program will empower your millennials to create a dynamic workplace with inspired leaders.

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