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Why Engaged Employees Innovate Better

Innovation is the lifeline of every organization. It impacts the sustainability of the business. At a time when disruption characterizes the business landscape, an engaged workforce is the most important asset organizations have, to stay relevant, competitive and ultimately thrive.

Why is engagement critical to innovation?


Engaged employees bring passion and interest to work

The impact that a passionate employee brings to your business is exponential. They bring new ideas, contribute to a positive culture and ultimately provide immeasurable value to the business and people around them.


Collaboration comes naturally to engaged employees

Collaboration is key to successful innovation. When people with varying skills and experiences collaborate, they bring different perspectives and solutions, leading to better innovation. High level of employee engagement is critical to successful collaboration.


Innovating for innovating sake has produced more failures than success

Engaged employees understand innovation's contribution towards realizing the organization's purpose.


They take a stake in the innovation process

Engaged employees have a real stake in the organization's success. Innovation contributes towards this. Hence, engaged employees will strive for a better outcome in the innovation process.

Calculate the Cost of Active Disengagement for Your Business

Did you know that 89% of the global workforce are somewhat disengaged? A disengaged employee has ‘checked out’ and does the bare minimum to get by. Even worse, an employee in this category may undermine and act out against the company.

Gallup calculates that for every $10,000 of salary you pay an employee, you are losing $3,400. That's 34%!

So not only are disengaged employees hurting your ability to be the best your company can be, they are costing you real profit.

Use this calculator to submit your own data, and see the real impact active disengagement is having on your company.


* based on 10 employees, $100,000.00 salary each



Why Companies with Engaged Employees Enjoy 26% Higher Revenue Per Engaged Employee

Engaged employees are more productive and efficient. These are important qualities to have in employees in the innovation process.

Disengaged employees become cost centres over time. They are less likely to perform at their best. Their contribution to the sustainability of the organization is nearly absent. In the disruptive age, successful organizations are disruptors. To be this, they must be populated by employees driven, willing and able to contribute towards value innovation. They are the prime movers of disruption.

Do you know the cost of disengaged employees to your organization?

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Join the Global Movement to Raise Employee Engagement

The No. 1 priority of organizations in 2019 and beyond is to increase employee engagement. Here's how we have done it with thousands of businesses around the world:

  1. We do a data-driven ‘behavioural benchmarking’ audit of all employees.
  2. We run action-based programs that develop accountability through transparency.
  3. We focus on developing well rounded leaders at all levels so they can thrive, regardless of their role.


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Total cost of active disengagement



Active disengagement rate x 18%
# actively disengaged employees 2

Gallup % cost of active disengagement x 34%
Annual cost per actively disengaged employee = $34,000.00

Case study


snapd has 225 franchises in North America representing 83 community publications and roughly 140 digital publications, with a readership of more than 3.5 million people. The challenges they faced in the organization included; operating in silos, a lack of trust and communication between senior leadership and employees and declining quality of work at an individual and collaborative level. As this organization was on the cusp of launching new innovative products and services, it was critical for the CEO to ensure that all employees embraced the direction of the company and were fully engaged on a personal and collaborative level in order to create a movement of change that would impact their people and the communities they work with.

Following the 12-week engagement program, snapd realized the following improvements:

  1. Engagement levels increased from 30% to 80%
  2. Improved communication, trust and collaboration amongst employees and franchisee owners
  3. Increase in sales
  4. Clear processes identified relating to their people strategy moving forward
  5. Lower turnover and absenteeism with a happier, more collaborative employee culture.


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our White Paper

Download our White Paper, which discusses the ways that disruptive organizations are capitalizing on employee engagement drivers to enhance the innovation process. It’s a must read for businesses who are looking to think outside the box for how they approach collaborative innovation.



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